Black Python 8 Mil Heavy-Duty Nitrile Gloves w/Diamond Texture, Case

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You're Gonna Need a Killer Grip to Constrict Your Prey

Black Python 8 mil heavy duty disposable nitrile gloves are the #1 choice for automotive and industrial applications due to their raised diamond texture, awesome strength, and epic dexterity. Heck, they even look hardcore.

Intelligent people like you know that all gloves are not the same. With Black Python disposable 8 mil nitrile gloves, you can be certain their thickness is a product of pure nitrile rubber, not cheap filler materials. You can tell by the way these gloves perfectly conform to your hands as they warm to your body temperature.  The fit is like a second skin. The revolutionary raised diamond texture holds tight where other gloves slip and slide. And because Black Python disposable nitrile gloves are made from pure nitrile, they’re resistant to many chemicals and provide the strength needed for demanding work.

This is what makes high-quality disposable nitrile gloves like Black Python different from other nitrile gloves in the industry. You’ll also find yourself saving a ton of money in the long run because you’ll need a fresh pair much less often. Quality doesn’t cost, it pays.


•Thickness: 8 mil
•Diamond Textured Tactical Grip for Wet Conditions
•No Fillers
•Stretchy Nitrile for Added Durability and Comfort
•9.5" Wrist-Covering Glove Length
•Beaded Cuff for Easy Donning
•Not made with Natural Rubber Latex
•Industrial Grade - Non-Medical Use
•1000 Gloves, Packed in 10 Boxes of 100 Gloves
(XXL, 900 Gloves, 10 Boxes x 90 Gloves)
•Part # PY700

What's Included in the Box?

1 Case Contains 1000 Gloves, Packed in 10 Dispenser Boxes of 100 Gloves, Size XXL 10 Boxes of 90 Gloves (by weight).

Product Specifications
Material Nitrile
Thickness 8 mil
Length 9.5 inches
Type Non-sterile / Industrial Grade (Non-Medical Use)
Glove Interior Powder Free
Glove Exterior Diamond Texture
Shape Ambidextrous
Cuff Beaded
Usage Single Use Only
Quantity Per Box S-XL 100, XXL 90
Units Per Case 10
Total Quantity S-XL 1000, XXL 900

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incredible customer service and shipping

I have been waiting for another company to send the gloves i ordered two months ago and when they told me i had to track them down because they didn't know where they were i knew again i had been had. I started looking again for gloves and found unstuck gloves online and their web site said they had the gloves i wanted in stock. I then emailed to verify they had what they said they had and they responded within 15mins, I then placed the order. this all happened on a thursday afternoon and within 45 mins of my order I received a shipping confirmation with tracking number. they actually shipped my gloves the same day and i received them monday morning. Nothing more to say except i will continue to do business with this company.